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Is Compensation for Physical Injury Taxable

Physical Injury is not Taxable

As a general rule, the proceeds received from most personal injury claims are not taxable under either federal or state law. Whether you settled the case before or after filing a personal injury lawsuit in court does not matter.

The website AVVO has question and answers that will help you better solve this question. You can also call a Houston Injury Lawyers PLLC attorney.

Punitive Damages Taxes on Injury Accidents

Punitive damages are always taxable. If you have a punitive damages claim, your lawyer will always ask the judge or jury to separate its verdict into compensatory and punitive damages. That ensures that you can prove to the IRS that part of the verdict was for compensatory damages, which are not taxable.

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Houston Injury Lawyers, PLLC Taxes on Injury accident

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They are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit in Texas that allows victims to recover their damages and seek compensation for their pain and suffering.

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