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Maximize Your Insurance Claim: Insider Tips from a Houston Insurance Lawyer!

Houston, TX Lawyers Representing Clients Facing Difficult Car Insurance Claims 

Insurance adjuster talking on phone and looking at clipboard in front of car accident. If you’ve been involved in a car crash, an insurance claims lawyer can help you get the maximum amount for your claim.

Dealing with insurance companies in Houston or Sugar Land is rarely an easy or enjoyable experience. Insurance companies are for-profit organizations that make money by collecting premium payments from policyholders. The premium you pay for insurance coverage is functionally a paid promise that the insurance carrier will cover you if you fulfill the terms of your policy. For example, your auto insurance costs you a monthly premium, and your policy will stipulate how much the insurance carrier will cover in the event of a car accident. 

Insurance companies price their policies based on the amount of coverage a policyholder needs and the policyholder’s perceived level of risk. For example, a driver who has a history of causing multiple accidents will likely have a much higher insurance premium than a driver who has a spotless driving record of zero accidents. Insurance exists for all types of coverage, including auto accidents, damage to your home, and even life insurance that provides financial relief to your family in the event of your death. 

Unfortunately, many insurance policyholders have trouble collecting payment on the coverage they have from their insurance carriers. Insurance companies lose money when they must pay out their coverage to claimants. In addition, while they have the legal right and obligation to thoroughly investigate all claims for coverage, some insurance company employees engage in unethical tactics to lowball claimants’ settlements or even unfairly deny claims. If you’ve been injured in a car accident and have to deal with car insurance companies, it’s crucial that you work with a Houston insurance claims lawyer who has your best interest in mind.

How Can a Houston Insurance Claims Lawyer Help Me? 

Working with an experienced Houston insurance attorney is the best way to prevent difficulties from arising when you need to file an insurance claim. Most insurers will rely on the claimant’s lack of awareness to get away with lowballing or denying their claims. In addition, some insurance claim adjusters will prey on the claimant’s desperation to convince them to accept insubstantial settlements when they technically qualify for greater coverage. Ultimately, the best way to ensure you do not need to deal with any bad faith tactics from an insurance company is to hire a Houston insurance claims lawyer to handle correspondence with the insurance carrier on your behalf. 

An insurance claim begins with a demand letter. Next, the claimant sends this demand letter to the insurance company, outlining their demand for coverage and the justification behind the claim. Having your Houston insurance claims lawyer draft your demand letter on your behalf will instantly add authority to your claim and discourage the insurance carrier from unfairly pushing back against your claim. In addition, once they recognize that you have legal counsel on your side, they will be much more inclined to play fairly and acknowledge the coverage in question in good faith. 

It’s important to remember that working with a Houston insurance attorney can offer additional benefits beyond your insurance claim itself. For example, suppose you need help with an auto insurance claim. In that case, a Houston insurance lawyer can help you draft your letter and secure as much coverage as possible from the at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy. However, suppose their coverage does not fully cover your losses. In that case, your insurance claims lawyer can help you explore further legal action to maximize your recovery, such as filing a personal injury claim to pursue the remainder of your outstanding damages. 

Why Do I Need an Insurance Claims Lawyer After a Houston Car Accident? 

Insurance adjuster shaking hands with person in front of car crash scene. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you need an insurance claims lawyer who will help you get the most out of your claim.

You may be thinking that you are perfectly capable of dealing with a difficult insurance claim adjuster on your own. However, it is vital to understand that insurance companies invest a great deal into training their employees to minimize claim payouts. When you file an insurance claim, the insurance carrier will assign a claim adjuster to investigate the claim and determine whether the claim is valid. This typically involves the claim adjuster contacting the claimant to ask specific questions about the claim. This is an attempt to see if the claimant will divulge any details that preclude them from compensation. Essentially, claim adjusters often employ conversational tricks to dupe claimants into admitting fault or otherwise compromising their own claims, which they then use against claimants to deny or reduce their claim settlements. 

When claim adjusters engage in these tactics, this is known as bad faith insurance. All insurance companies and their employees have a legal duty to process claims in good faith, which means adhering to strict ethical standards, processing all claims, and honestly handling all claim investigations. Unfortunately, the profit-driven nature of the modern insurance industry and incentivization from employers encourage many claim adjusters to engage in bad faith tactics, sometimes going so far as to outright lie about coverage terms, unreasonably delay claims to claimants accept lowball settlements from desperation or intentionally misleading aspects of a policy to dupe a claimant into accepting a lowball settlement offer. 

When you choose Houston Injury Lawyers, PLLC, to represent you in your insurance claim, you can rest assured that your Houston insurance attorney will do everything in their power to ensure you receive a fair settlement from the insurance company. Our team has years of experience navigating complex insurance claims, and we are very familiar with the bad faith tactics that some insurance claim adjusters employ. We will help you approach your insurance claim confidently and hold unethical insurance companies and their employees accountable for any bad faith actions you encounter. 

Contact an Experienced Houston Insurance Claims Lawyer Today

The Houston insurance claims lawyers at Houston Injury Lawyers, PLLC, understand that facing down an insurance company can be a daunting and stressful situation. We have extensive experience dealing with all types of insurance carriers, including some of the biggest insurance providers in the United States. Our team is not afraid to assist you in the most challenging insurance claims or deal with difficult claim adjusters on your behalf. 

When you choose our firm to represent you in an insurance claim, we will thoroughly review the policy in question and determine the exact range of coverage you can expect. We will assist you in gathering all evidence and supplementary information that you may require to secure the payment you deserve. Our firm is dedicated to client recovery. We will work tirelessly to guide you through your insurance claim process and help you understand all details in play so you can approach the situation with confidence. 

If you face a problematic insurance claim, whether it pertains to a car accident, a fire in your home, a recreational vehicle, or any other insurance policy you or someone else carries, we can help. Contact Houston Injury Lawyers, PLLC, today to learn more about how we can assist you with your insurance claim.