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Slip & Fall Accident Lawyer

Who is responsible for an injury resulting from a slip and fall accident?

If you recently suffered an injury on someone else’s property in Houston or Sugar Land, it’s natural to feel uncertain about what you should do next. The best thing you can do is to contact an experienced Houston premises liability attorney as soon as possible to discuss your injury and determine your best options for legal recourse. Property owners who allow their properties to remain in disrepair or who fail to address known safety issues must be held accountable when their negligence results in injuries to lawful visitors.

To be legally responsible for the injuries you suffered from slipping or tripping and falling on someone else’s property, one of the following must be true:

-The owner of the premises or an employee must have caused the spill, worn or torn spot, or other slippery or dangerous surface or item to be underfoot.

-The owner of the premises or an employee must have known of the dangerous surface but done nothing about it.

-The owner of the premises or an employee should have known of the dangerous surface because a “reasonable” person taking care of the property would have discovered and removed or repaired it.

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