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How Do You Choose a Good Car Accident Lawyer?

Finding the right car accident lawyer for your case may not be an easy process if you don’t know how to narrow down the search. From considering the compatibility of your communication style to looking into the lawyer’s success rate, to conducting research online, here’s how you can choose a good car accident lawyer.

Know What You’re Looking For

Everyone’s definition of a good car accident attorney is different. While a high percentage of winning cases and years of experience in the field are always positive signs, other attributes of your attorney are more subjective. Do you prefer softer or blunt delivery? Would you like updates at the end of the day or in real-time? Small details like these can make your relationship more pleasant.

Look Through the Website

Great lawyers will have a great website. The website is often the first point of interaction between clients and car accident attorneys. The website should give clear contact information, a description of available services, and an introduction of the team members. Many of the top car accident attorneys will also provide resources on their website to answer your questions and guide you through the process of filing your car accident claim.

View Testimonials

You’ll also find testimonials from clients on the website. Great car accident attorneys will not hesitate to reference the results of their cases and past clients because it gives them an opportunity to share the positive impact they have had.

Testimonials are a good way to not just learn about what the lawyer can do, but how the lawyer interacts with clients. It’s always a good sign when testimonials say the lawyer listened to them and didn’t give up.

Get a Referral

It’s often a good idea to get a second opinion. If you know anyone who recently worked with a car accident attorney in Houston, TX, you may want to ask them about the experience and if they recommend their attorney. Another good place to look is on community message boards in your area. 
You may find a lawyer through your own connections or online and want to know what clients have to say. It’s as simple as reaching out to them. Great lawyers will be happy to provide the contact information of a past client or two who can give you more details. Lawyers who are reluctant to give you a contact may not have enough experience or success to handle your case.

Do a Google Search

Choosing the right car accident attorney for you can start with a quick Google search. Typing in their name will reveal their most frequently-visited sites. A good sign is the firm’s website, the lawyer’s LinkedIn page, and press releases referring to case wins.

You can also use Google to find out information about the lawyer’s role in the community. If they’ve lectured about personal injury law and are part of statewide and national legal organizations, this shows that they are viewed as a source of authority in their field. Successful car accident attorneys often write articles and give presentations about best practices and what they’ve learned from previous cases.

Find Out Areas of Expertise

Each car accident is unique, but there will be some commonalities among cases. Some cases will be more amenable to an out-of-court settlement, while others will more than likely need to go to court with the help of a seasoned litigator. You want a car accident attorney who knows the nuances of your case and can make the best decisions that combine intuition and past experience.

For instance, filing a car accident claim against an individual drunk driver looks much different than filing one against a truck driver who violated national driving regulations. In one case, the liable party is just one person. In the other, your lawyer will have to go beyond the driver’s actions and investigate company policy to see if improper training or pressure from superiors led to the regulation violation.

See If the Firm Uses Contingency Pricing

Your car accident case will not be inexpensive. When you’re recovering from your injuries and trying to get fair compensation from the liable party, the last thing you should worry about is how you’re going to take care of your legal bills. Unfortunately, some lawyers will charge you from the first hour you work together, only adding to your stress.

Choose from a car accident attorney who prioritizes your recovery. The best attorneys will not take a dime in payment until you’ve recovered a settlement. This gives you a chance to get back on your feet and proves that your team is competent. No attorney would risk working on a case with the risk of not getting paid unless they were confident in their abilities.

See Connections in Houston, TX

A strong network can make or break your car accident case. The best lawyers will have a strong network of professionals to whom they can refer when they have questions about your case, from doctors to accountants. Great car accident lawyers will also have a positive relationship with other lawyers in the area.

A lawyer who may not practice law in one field may refer a client to a lawyer who can better suit their needs. These referrals only happen when there is mutual respect between the lawyers. One of the fastest ways to check connections now is through LinkedIn. Another option is to ask the lawyer about who they get help from when they need an expert to testify or get questions answered for your case.

Visit the Car Accident Lawyer in Person

Personal injury cases can be costly for lawyers, from hiring the right experts to having multiple team members work on your behalf. If you’re preparing your case for court, you’ll need to collaborate with expert witnesses who will testify for you. Even the negotiation process will require significant time and energy to combat the opposing counsel’s tactics.

A lawyer working in a successful law firm will have the assets to prepare your case without a problem. Visiting the office of your potential attorney will give you an idea of what resources are available. How many attorneys work there? Is there someone available to meet with you and accommodate your schedule? You’ll have a much easier time meeting with a lawyer who has enough resources to allow for flexibility.

Set Up a Free Consultation 

While you’re there, visiting the office is a great time to meet your lawyer. Set up a 30-minute consultation for your initial meeting so you can get to know one another and ask questions about your case before you get started with the process. The best car accident attorneys will offer free consultations because they have enough resources to give you some time and value listening to you over a chance for additional profits.

Give yourself the best possible outcome for your accident case by retaining an experienced lawyer who is a good fit for both your personality and the specifics of your circumstances. The best way to get started is by setting up a consultation. Contact our Houston, TX, law offices at Houston Injury Lawyers to set up a meeting. You have a right to receive a fair settlement, and we’re here to make sure you walk away with what you need.

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