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How Do You Know If You Have a Good Personal Injury Lawyer?

You likely haven’t thought about a personal injury attorney until after you’ve been in an accident. But once you have, you face high pressure to recover from your injuries, claim just compensation, and find a competent attorney all at once. Working with a high-quality personal injury attorney will make your life easier. Here are a few signs that you’ve hired a top personal injury lawyer. 

Your Top Personal Injury Lawyer Has a Record of Results

It’s rare for personal injury cases to go to trial. Instead, insurance companies typically offer settlements soon after accidents to victims who are often emotional and unsure about the future. Your personal injury lawyer should have a settlement record reflecting appropriate compensation for the injuries sustained and the damage that was done.

Personal injury also varies by the type of case: From car accidents to product liability, your accident will have nuances that will affect how your settlement plays out. You have a good personal injury lawyer if they’ve handled cases like yours before and understand the differences between the areas of personal injury law.

You Can Focus on Your Recovery 

The best personal injury lawyers are compassionate. They’ll fight for you and relieve some of the pressure following your accident so that you can focus on the most important thing: your health. The last thing that any good lawyer would want is for you to experience more pain. They’ll treat you with honesty and empathy, always with the goal of building a safe and respectful space for you.

A good lawyer will be optimistic but realistic. They’ll handle the stressful elements of your case without leaving you out of making important decisions, so you can feel removed from strain but still involved. Recovery can take months and even years, and your lawyer should be prepared to be dedicated to your case for however long it takes.

Ethics Are Never Compromised

The importance of respectful relationships extends beyond you and your lawyer, though. A good lawyer will treat every single person involved in the case with respect, including officials from the insurance company and anyone who may act unethically. Respect includes communicating professionally, meeting deadlines, and maintaining a clear moral ground.

Remember that settling your personal injury case requires negotiation. By maintaining professionalism, your lawyer will maintain the upper hand and get you what you want, especially if your case ends up going in front of a judge.

Past Clients Have Positive Things to Say

Even if you’ve never met a top personal injury lawyer you’re considering hiring, you can get a pretty good idea of what they’re like by finding out what past clients have to say. Start with the lawyer’s website. Numerous positive reviews are a good sign. A Google My Business listing is worth checking out, and if you know anyone who’s worked with the lawyer, you may want to contact them.

Good personal injury lawyers will have positive feedback from numerous community members. Although the lawyer may not have secured the desired outcome in every case, past clients will still have nice things to say about the lawyer’s work ethic, such as dedication to the case and communication style. Of course, you can’t avoid negative feedback from people who are upset that the lawyer didn’t get exactly what they wanted. But generally, responses should be upbeat.

Your Lawyer Has an Extensive Network 

Having a talented personal injury lawyer is just one element of getting a fair settlement. You’ll also need a relationship with a doctor who can give you documentation about your injuries. It also won’t hurt to have testimony from witnesses, including eyewitnesses at the scene of the accident and expert witnesses who can break down complex parts of your case.

However, finding trustworthy doctors and witnesses can be difficult to do alone. Your lawyer will often have a network of people who can help your case, like a doctor who specializes in personal injury cases. A lawyer will also know how to communicate with potential eyewitnesses to help them see the value of testifying on your behalf, as well as expert witnesses who know how to hold their own against opposing counsel.

Billing Processes Are Clear 

Money may be tight after an accident, and it’s normal to have questions about what your costs will look like. But the costs of your legal expenses shouldn’t be one of them. Trustworthy lawyers will make terms of payment clear from the start, often in a free consultation that will holistically look at the major elements of your case and outline what general expectations should be.

Once you decide to take a lawyer on, you should never wonder about what you owe, especially for personal injury cases. It’s common for personal injury lawyers to work on contingency, which means they only take a fee if you win your settlement. You and your lawyer agree on this fee before you agree to become a client. Should you have any concerns with payment after you do become a client, a good lawyer will be eager to help and open about pricing.

Collecting Evidence Is a Priority

If you want a higher settlement offer than what insurance originally proposed, you’ll need proof that your damages require a higher amount. A top personal injury lawyer will focus efforts on collecting all of the evidence necessary to claim the amount you deserve. They’ll ask you for documentation of your pay stubs, missed work, and medical bills.

Depending on your case, your lawyer will also cooperate with the necessary parties to solidify your claim. For instance, they’d secure the police reports, witness statements, and black box for a truck accident injury. Lastly, your lawyer may ask you to keep note of your mental state as a way to document the intangibles of your case: pain and suffering.

Honesty Is the Standard, Not the Exception

The best personal injury lawyers will always be honest with you, no exception. They won’t sugarcoat elements of your case to make you feel better or promise you anything they can’t deliver. For instance, if you were in a car accident and suffer from minor injuries, a good personal injury attorney will be open about what a realistic settlement offer is for these injuries.

Honestly means including you in the process. An honest lawyer will walk you through what your case is expected to look like from start to finish, emphasizing that anything can happen and things can change. They’ll also be open about their own experience and limitations and how this may impact your case. You should have no doubts that you are getting the truth at all times.

You Trust Your Gut

A lawyer can do everything in their power to help you, but it still might not be the best relationship for you. You need a lawyer who is compatible with your personality and values. If something seems off, it probably is. We recommend reaching out to a few attorneys, then hiring the one who feels right to you.

You shouldn’t have to wonder if you’ve picked the right personal injury attorney. You have enough on your plate. Contact us at Houston Injury Lawyers and experience the comfort of having a team who will lead with compassion the whole way. We’re here to lend a helping hand, and we’ll fight for you no matter what.

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