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How Can a Houston Auto Accident Lawyer Help You Get Justice?

Person calling an auto accident lawyer after a Houston car accident.

In the US, more than 38,000 people die in car crashes every year. Many more are injured and may have long-lasting damage that will prevent them from going back to their job for months. Although some incidents are inevitable, many of them are caused by a negligent driver and could have been prevented. If you’ve been the victim of such a crash, you can contact a Houston, TX auto accident lawyer who will help you receive the compensation you need.


After an accident, you might have very high medical bills, need to purchase a new car, and be required to take time off from work while you heal. You shouldn’t have to pay out-of-pocket if the accident wasn’t your fault. The responsibility lies with the person who drove negligently or broke traffic laws. Together with your auto accident lawyer, you can gather the necessary evidence and negotiate a fair amount of compensation with the other party’s insurance company.


How Can Your Houston, TX Auto Accident Lawyer Help You? 

Personal injury cases related to car accidents are often complicated because you have to prove not only that the other person was at fault, but also that your injuries are a result of the crash. You must demonstrate to the judge that you are suffering significantly because of another person’s negligent actions. It’s very hard to receive a satisfactory outcome on your own, so most people hire an experienced Houston auto accident lawyer.


Your attorney will ask you to come to the law firm for an initial consultation, during which they can find out more about you and your situation. You can then make a decision about whether you would like to hire them. If so, the next step is to find as much evidence as possible and speak to expert witnesses. Your lawyer might need to negotiate with the other party’s insurance company and, if no agreement can be reached, take the matter to court.


Finding Evidence of Fault 

After taking on your case and coming up with a plan of action, the first thing your lawyer will do is prove that the accident was the other person’s fault. In some cases, this is very easy, for instance, if there is evidence that the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs or if there is video footage of them breaking the local traffic laws.


But in other cases, you will have to dig deeper and make use of expert witnesses. For instance, your lawyer might investigate the car the other person drove to see if it was faulty. Inf so, their mechanic or the manufacturer of their vehicle might partly be at fault for what happened.


Proving Your Injuries

The other aspect you must prove is that your injuries were a result of the accident and that they are now affecting your life significantly. You will need to provide evidence of your medical bills and obtain statements from your doctors. If you hire an experienced Houston auto accident lawyer who has worked on similar cases in your local area, they will know which expert witnesses can support your claim for compensation.


Helping You Navigate the Lawsuit 

The legal process is always stressful and complicated, and it’s easy for it to seem overwhelming. You will need as much help as you can to get through your lawsuit, especially if you are still suffering from the result of the crash. For this reason, hiring a helpful, compassionate auto accident lawyer in Houston, TX is crucial. When you first get in touch with a firm, check whether they are empathetic communicators. Do they listen to you without judgment, and do they get back to you quickly?


If so, you should book your free first consultation and meet the lawyers in person. You can then better determine whether they will be a good personal fit. Remember that you’ll most likely work with your lawyer for many months. No matter how good their past results have been, they can only help you if there is sympathy and you trust their opinion.


Determining a Fair Amount of Compensation  

In many cases, the first offer you are made will be too low. If you handle your case on your own, you might agree to this sum because you’re not aware of how much compensation you’re entitled to. For this reason, people who don’t hire an auto accident lawyer often lose a significant amount of money. An experienced attorney can analyze all the evidence and then let you know what an acceptable offer is.  


Knowing how much compensation you should ask for is a crucial starting point. It gives you a realistic view of your situation, so you can better prepare for the future. For instance, you might be more inclined to get the best medical treatment if you know that your compensation will pay for it, or you might decide to begin training for a new job you’ll be able to do despite your injuries.


Speaking to the Insurance Adjusters

A key part of negotiating compensation is speaking to the other party’s insurance company. Their main aim is to get you to take the blame for the accident or, if it’s clearly the other party’s fault, to minimize the amount they have to pay out. It’s almost always best to say as little as possible when they first get in touch and to wait until your Houston auto accident lawyer is present.


If you’ve already received a settlement offer, take it to your attorney and ask them whether it is acceptable. They might say that the insurance company is trying to stop you from claiming the full compensation you deserve. Then, your lawyer will call them and negotiate an amount that covers all your bills, pays for the time you have to take off work, and compensates you for the emotional trauma you are going through.


Achieving the Outcome You Desired 

It is almost always desirable to settle a personal injury case out of court, especially if you’re likely to obtain a five-figure or low six-figure amount. Unless you’re expecting a very high compensation, the fees associated with a trial will significantly diminish what you receive. What’s more, going to court prolongs your case. For this reason, your attorney will negotiate directly with the other party and aim to reach a settlement.


But in some cases, this isn’t an option because the other driver refuses to admit guilt or doesn’t offer a fair amount of compensation. In this situation, a trial can help you receive the money required to move on and rebuild your life.


Get the Justice You Deserve

One of the most common types of personal injury is an accident on the road. Often, one of the drivers failed to observe the traffic laws, was distracted by their passengers or phone or was driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The victim of such an accident can ask for compensation for their injuries and the trauma they are going through.


However, receiving enough money so all your expenses will be covered isn’t as straightforward as you might think. It is your responsibility to prove the negligent party’s fault and the extent of your injuries, so it’s almost always best to hire a competent car accident attorney in Houston, TX. Contact us now at Houston Injury Lawyers to find out more about the process and book a free consultation with us.

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