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9 Signs You Need a New Personal Injury Law Attorney

When you’re already managing the aftermath of an accident, you may not have considered if your personal injury law attorney is doing the job. You may not even know how to tell. Below we’ll explain the signs that it’s time to move on to an effective attorney in Houston, TX.

9 Signs You Need a New Personal Injury Law Attorney in Houston, TX

1. You Don’t Feel Listened To

Your case is about you, period. At all times, it’s your attorney’s duty to listen to what you have to say, including your needs, concerns, and questions. Not only will listening to you establish a stronger relationship with you and your attorney, but it can also have legal implications for your case. Details you may think are minor could have a large impact on what your settlement looks like. If your lawyer doesn’t know how to listen, the result of your case may vary significantly.
Meeting with your lawyer should always feel like a conversation, not an hour for you to sit quietly and do what you’re told. If you find that you have trouble getting a word in or your lawyer doesn’t value your opinion, it’s time to find one who treats you with the compassion you deserve.

2. Billing Isn’t Clear

Often, personal injury law works on contingency. This means that your lawyer will not receive payment for you until a final settlement has been agreed upon. Both you and your lawyer will agree beforehand on the percentage of your settlement that the lawyer will take. Some lawyers will offer free consultations to get a general understanding of your case and explain what the billing practice looks like.

At no point should you be unclear about what your charges will be. At no point should you receive charges that are inconsistent with what you agreed upon. And you should never have to pay hidden fees.

3. Deadlines Aren’t Met

Deadlines in personal injury law aren’t suggestions. Failing to meet a deadline can derail your entire case. As the client, it’s not your job to know about and follow the deadlines, but it’s helpful to have an idea of what to expect. After an accident, you need to call your insurance company to let them know about what happened in a timely manner. You don’t have to know every single detail of the accident yet, but you do need to make insurance aware.

Filing a claim with your insurance is entirely different from filing a personal injury lawsuit. You will have up to a few years to file your lawsuit and at least one year, depending on your state. For instance, this deadline, known as the statute of limitations, is different in Houston, TX than in Florida. Your lawyer should explain to you clearly about insurance claims and your state’s statute of limitations as well as complete the steps necessary to meet these deadlines.

4. They Don’t Have Experience Relating to Your Injury

Not only does law vary by state, but also by the area of practice. The most skilled family attorney in the area would have difficulty working a personal injury case if they’re unfamiliar with personal injury law. Within personal injury law, there are differences between injuries: a lawyer who’s an expert in car accident settlements may not be the person you want to go to for product liability.
You may find a lawyer who checks all of your boxes but doesn’t have experience in navigating your injury, let alone personal injury law in general. It’s in your best interest to find someone else who has achieved success in cases like yours.

5. You Can’t Find Any Reviews

Personal injury lawyers are often a cornerstone of their community, so they have relationships with other businesses and past clients. A credible personal injury law firm in Houston, TX will display these local relationships on their website, whether it’s through reviews or links to local partners. A lack of a single positive review on a lawyer’s website is not a good sign. 

You may feel more reassured by talking to a past client directly. Ask your lawyer to connect you with a previous client to understand what the process looks like and how it may feel for you. If your lawyer seems dismissive or suspicious, it may be time to reconsider.

6. They Make Promises

It’s a given that a good personal injury lawyer will fight for you. But while your lawyer will keep the mood upbeat, they shouldn’t guarantee anything. No personal injury case looks the same, and no outcome is predictable, even with all of the evidence working in your favor. Be cautious of a personal injury law attorney who approaches your case with unrelenting optimism. 

Your attorney should not tell you that you will receive a certain settlement amount or that a certain course of action will promise results. What they can do is lay out all of the facts, explain your options, and give a professional opinion about which path seems the most successful. When your lawyer makes a promise about what will happen, it can blind you from the reality of your case and even prevent you from making the most sound decisions based on the evidence.

7. Your Case Isn’t Going Anywhere

While your lawyer shouldn’t make you concrete promises, this doesn’t mean that the outcome is completely out of your control. You’re likely to get a settlement that better suits your needs when both you and your lawyer work to get what you need. This means you track your bills, expenses, pay stubs, and any other documentation that helps your case. Your lawyer should work to gather relevant evidence, give you direction, and work to build the strongest case possible.
If your lawyer is giving you no instructions about what to do or explanations about what’s happening, ask about the progress of your case. Your case may not be going anywhere because your lawyer isn’t prioritizing you. At this point, it’s time to find a new personal injury law attorney.


8. Communication is Ineffective

Do your phone calls go unanswered for days? Do you make a request in an email that remains ignored until you follow up? 

Personal injury law is all about communication, from negotiating with the other party to writing a demands letter. If your lawyer can’t communicate effectively with you on day-to-day items, how will they manage the most important aspects of your case? Poor communication is often a sign of lawyers who don’t think your case has enough value or don’t have enough experience to manage their caseloads. In either situation, you’d benefit from a new attorney.

9. You Don’t Feel a Sense of Trust

Your lawyer may have great reviews, a strong team, and high ethical standards. But if you feel uneasy after every meeting, that’s not a relationship that will serve you in the long run. You should be comfortable speaking your mind, sharing private information, and asking when you’re unsure about something. Even the best lawyer is not a right fit for you when you feel like something’s off.

Evaluating your personal injury attorney may not be an easy process, but it’s one that can make all the difference. When you’re confident that your lawyer is the right one for you, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. And if it’s time to make a change, take this as a sign to move forward. Contact us at Houston Personal injury Lawyers: We’re here to lend a helping hand.

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