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  1. Court Staff
    Lead Clerk Sasha Prince (832) 927-2575
    Assistant Clerk Devanshi Patel (832) 927-2575
    Trial Coordinator Gabriela Cox (832) 927-2585
    Court Reporter Delicia Struss (832) 927-2595
    Bailiff William Wilson (832) 927-2595
  2. Emergency Matters

a. Any matter seeking emergency relief shall be presented to the Court by the Lead Clerk
that both parties are available for a conference before the Court, or a written explanation of why such conduct is not legally required.

  1. Motion Practice

a. Each motion must be scheduled on either the submission or oral hearing docket by contacting the clerk of the Court for a date and time with a five (5) day notice to the opposing party, unless the motion is agreed and signed by all parties. Notify the clerk of the Court of any agreed motion so that the motion may be presented to the Court without the matter being placed on the submission or oral hearing dockets. Agreed motions must include an agreed proposed order that is signed by all parties as to form and substance.

b. Any party requesting an oral hearing may call the clerk of the Court for a date and time. If you require more than five (5) minutes for your oral hearing, you must inform the clerk at the time you schedule the hearing or at the time you receive notice of the hearing.

c. The submission docket is on each Monday at 8:00 a.m. after a ten (10) day notice to all parties. Any party requesting an oral hearing on a motion may remove it from the submission docket and schedule the motion on the next available law day docket.

d. Each motion must be filed with a proposed order. The proposed order must delineate each ruling that the party is requesting with a corresponding grant/deny or

e. A motion to compel written discovery must include the request and response verbatim in the motion.

f. A motion for special exceptions must include the paragraph(s) you except to verbatim in the motion.

to resolve the issues in the motion with the opposing party prior to the filing of the motion. Counsel shall include the date, time, and place of such conference and the names of all parties participating. Failure to confer in good faith with the other party or adequately explain the multiple attempts on at least two (2) separate occasions through at least two (2) separate methods to confer will result in the removal from the docket without additional notice.

h. Without leave of Court, all motions, briefs or memoranda are limited to twenty (20) pages; all responses are limited to fifteen (15) pages; all replies are limited to five (5) pages. Failure to file a written response twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled hearing or submission date is considered a representation of no opposition.

i. Agreed motions for continuances are not binding on the Court and will be granted at

trial setting and include an explanation for the continuance and specify the outstanding matters that are necessary to be completed prior to trial.

j. The Court permits appearances at hearings by phone and off-docket oral hearings so long as you request it five (5) days in advance from the clerk of the Court.

k. All motions and notices for submission or oral hearing require TRCP 21a notice to all parties.

  1. Minor Settlements

a. The Court must approve the disposition of all cases involving minors. As such, a hearing must be set for the disposition of all cases involving minors.

b. A party requesting the appointment of a guardian ad litem must include a brief nature of the case, complexity of the issues, the alleged damages, and whether the ad litem should be fluent in a language other than English.

c. A movant must schedule a telephonic conference prior to the scheduling of the minor settlement hearing. All counsel, including the guardian ad litem, must attend the telephonic conference and be prepared to discuss the details of the disposition of the matter with the Court.

d. Minor s
All counsel, parent(s), minor(s) and ad litem(s) are required to be punctual in attendance. Failure to timely appear for your hearing may result in the Court rescheduling you on the next available oral hearing docket.

  1. Severance

a. A proposed order for severance must include which states:

i. The style of the case; ii. The new cause number, e.g. 2018-12345A; iii. Parties to be included in the severed case; iv. Documents to be included in the severed case;
v. Whether the severed order disposes of the severed case or if the case shall remain active; and
vi. The party paying the costs of court and severance.

  1. Motion to Withdraw as Counsel

a. All motions to withdraw as counsel must be set on the oral hearing docket unless the motion strictly complies with TRCP 10 and is signed by all parties and attorney(s) of record.

b. Motions to withdraw as counsel and corresponding order must include a telephone number and email address for self-represented litigants.

  1. Pre-trial Conference

a. The Court will issue a Docket Control Order with a trial setting along with a Trial Preparation Order. The Court will not issue a new Docket Control Order unless a motion establishing g

b. Failure to comply with the Trial Preparation Order may result in the case being reset or the Court prohibiting the non-compliant party to present witnesses or exhibits, determined by the specific violations of the Trial Preparation Order.

c. The parties must confer regarding the documents exchanged pursuant to the Trial Preparation Order prior to the pre-trial conference. The parties must file a joint statement at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the assigned pre-trial conference identifying the pre-trial issues that the parties have agreed upon and have not been able to agree. The joint statement must list out the exhibits, witnesses and motions
30) and simply indicate next to each number whether the parties agree or objection. Electronically submit a courtesy copy of the joint statement to Gabriela Cox at

d. The pre-trial conference will occur at 9:00 a.m. on the assigned date by the trial coordinator. Should the matter require more than one (1) hour for pre-trial, inform the trial coordinator immediately in order to schedule the pre-trial conference prior to the first day of trial.

e. Electronically submit a courtesy copy of a proposed jury charge, final judgment or findings of fact and conclusions of law, whichever applicable, in a word format to Gabriela Cox at

For more information about the 113th Civil Court Follow the link below:

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