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Texas Railroad Accident Lawyer

When serious accidents involving railroad workers occur, the result can be devastating or even fatal injuries. Therefore, you may be facing a challenging physical and emotional recovery after a railway accident. If you are unable to work due to your injuries, you may be worried about how you will pay for your necessary treatments or even support yourself.

Many rail yard accidents happen because of simple human error. When conductors or engineers operate the trains negligently or recklessly, crashes can occur. For example, if a conductor operates the train at a high speed, the train could derail off the tracks, particularly around curves. Similarly, if the conductor is distracted by their cellphone, they may miss a traffic signal notifying them to slow down. Human error can also cause accidents when railroad workers fail to clear the tracks of hazards or mistakenly switch the tracks, which can cause a collision between two trains.

Other accidents happen when there are mechanical problems with either the train or the tracks. Malfunctioning or broken brakes, communication equipment, signals, gates, or rails can have disastrous consequences.

Our team of skilled attorneys in Texas could investigate the railroad accident to pinpoint the precise cause to help a claimant pursue legal compensation for their losses.

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